How do eb-Forms work?
In B2B electronic business XML messages are exchanged between trading partners instead of paper documents. The structure and contents of those XML documents is defined in an XML Schema document.
XML Schemas for B2B communication are issued by Standards Institutes, such as UN/CEFACT or GS1, by larger companies or by governmental institutions. Sometimes they are (slightly) adapted and agreed bilaterally between the trading partners.
eb-Forms take an XML Schema as input and present it on-the-fly as a web form in your browser. You then may fill out the form and press the Submit button to send it directly to your trading partner as an XML message.
Incoming XML messages are also presented in your browser as readable forms, which you then may print, store or reply to.
eb-Forms work completely peer-to-peer. You don't need to rely on any external service, except for your Internet connection. All schemas and documents may be stored locally on your own PC.
eb-Forms are free.
eb-Forms use XForms, the W3C standard for webforms.