B2B electronic business
eb-Forms or forms for electronic business allow you to send and receive structured and standardised ebXML business documents to and from your trading partners.
Setting up Business-to-business (B2B) messaging or a webservice in order to exchange electronic documents is usually cumbersome, complex and expensive:
  • You must map the data elements in the electronic documents to those on the screens and transactions of your application system
  • You must develop and install the interfaces between your application system and the Internet (e.g. using SOAP, AS2 or ebMS)
  • You need to implement security measures such as a
    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Often this needs to be done for each trading partner in a different way.
Yet larger companies demand increasingly that their trading partners are capable to send and receive XML-formatted business documents over the Internet. It saves them money and time and is error-free.
Do you have such a company as customer, supplier or service provider?
eb-Forms enable you soon to send standardised XML messages from your browser and receive them on your PC screen at no cost.